With Prof. Gershon David Hundert A'H discussing Ber (Birkenthal) of Bolechów's (1723 - 1805) memoirs

November 05, 2023 Nachi Weinstein Season 5 Episode 12
With Prof. Gershon David Hundert A'H discussing Ber (Birkenthal) of Bolechów's (1723 - 1805) memoirs
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• With Prof. Gershon David Hundert A'H discussing Dov Ber (Birkenthal) of Bolechów's (1723 - 1805) memoirs

• We discussed a general overview of Polish Jewry in the 18th centruy, Dov Ber of Bolechòw's background, life as a wine merchant, qhy he wrote Divrei Binah and a memoir, style history book/memoir, various examples from his work (including: Encounter with Kazimierz Pulaski -  An American Revolutionary war hero -, his encounter with an illuminated Bible, his comments on Chasidim, remarks on the early career of the Kalever Rebbe, mother and wife, comments on SZ and the Frank movement, and much more), his purported role in the 1759 disputation in Lviv (Lemberg) with the Frankist movement and Rav Chaim HaKohen Rappaport, the manuscript and publication history of the work, and much more.

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